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class DefaultSampler


Making sampling decisions based on centralized sampling rules defined by X-Ray control plane APIs. It will fall back to local sampler if centralized sampling rules are not available.


Start rule poller and target poller once X-Ray daemon address and context manager is in place.

should_trace(self, sampling_req=None)

Return the matched sampling rule name if the sampler finds one and decide to sample. If no sampling rule matched, it falls back to the local sampler’s should_trace implementation. All optional arguments are extracted from incoming requests by X-Ray middleware to perform path based sampling.

load_local_rules(self, rules)

Load specified local rules to local fallback sampler.

load_settings(self, daemon_config, context, origin=None)

The pollers have dependency on the context manager of the X-Ray recorder. They will respect the customer specified xray client to poll sampling rules/targets. Otherwise they falls back to use the same X-Ray daemon as the emitter.

_process_matched_rule(self, rule, now)