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class XRayBaseQuery


class XRaySignallingSession(db, autocommit=False, autoflush=True, **options)


New in version 2.0.

New in version 2.1.

The signalling session is the default session that Flask-SQLAlchemy uses. It extends the default session system with bind selection and modification tracking. If you want to use a different session you can override the SQLAlchemy.create_session() function. The binds option was added, which allows a session to be joined to an external transaction.

get_bind(self, mapper=None, clause=None)
class XRayFlaskSqlAlchemy(app=None, use_native_unicode=True, session_options=None, metadata=None, query_class=XRayBaseQuery, model_class=Model)


create_session(self, options)