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register_high_level_interface(base_classes, **kwargs)
copy_dynamodb_params(params, **kwargs)
class DynamoDBHighLevelResource(*args, **kwargs)


class TransformationInjector(transformer=None, condition_builder=None, serializer=None, deserializer=None)


Injects the transformations into the user provided parameters.

inject_condition_expressions(self, params, model, **kwargs)

Injects the condition expression transformation into the parameters

This injection includes transformations for ConditionExpression shapes and KeyExpression shapes. It also handles any placeholder names and values that are generated when transforming the condition expressions.

inject_attribute_value_input(self, params, model, **kwargs)

Injects DynamoDB serialization into parameter input

inject_attribute_value_output(self, parsed, model, **kwargs)

Injects DynamoDB deserialization into responses

class ConditionExpressionTransformation(condition_builder, placeholder_names, placeholder_values, is_key_condition=False)


Provides a transformation for condition expressions

The ParameterTransformer class can call this class directly to transform the condition expressions in the parameters provided.

__call__(self, value)
class ParameterTransformer


Transforms the input to and output from botocore based on shape

transform(self, params, model, transformation, target_shape)

Transforms the dynamodb input to or output from botocore

It applies a specified transformation whenever a specific shape name is encountered while traversing the parameters in the dictionary.

  • params – The parameters structure to transform.
  • model – The operation model.
  • transformation – The function to apply the parameter
  • target_shape – The name of the shape to apply the transformation to
_transform_parameters(self, model, params, transformation, target_shape)
_transform_structure(self, model, params, transformation, target_shape)
_transform_map(self, model, params, transformation, target_shape)
_transform_list(self, model, params, transformation, target_shape)