Module Contents

class ServiceContext


Provides important service-wide, read-only information about a service

  • service_name (str) – The name of the service
  • service_model (botocore.model.ServiceModel) – The model of the service.
  • service_waiter_model (botocore.waiter.WaiterModel or a waiter model-like object such as boto3.utils.LazyLoadedWaiterModel) – The waiter model of the service.
  • resource_json_definitions (dict) – The loaded json models of all resource shapes for a service. It is equivalient of loading a resource-1.json and retrieving the value at the key “resources”.

Import module given a name.

Does not support relative imports.

lazy_call(full_name, **kwargs)
inject_attribute(class_attributes, name, value)
class LazyLoadedWaiterModel(bc_session, service_name, api_version)


A lazily loaded waiter model

This does not load the service waiter model until an attempt is made to retrieve the waiter model for a specific waiter. This is helpful in docstring generation where we do not need to actually need to grab the waiter-2.json until it is accessed through a get_waiter call when the docstring is generated/accessed.

get_waiter(self, waiter_name)