The metadata API is used to allow customization of how OPTIONS requests are handled. We currently provide a single default implementation that returns some fairly ad-hoc information about the view.

Future implementations might use JSON schema or other definitions in order to return this information in a more standardized way.

Module Contents

class BaseMetadata


determine_metadata(self, request, view)

Return a dictionary of metadata about the view. Used to return responses for OPTIONS requests.

class SimpleMetadata


This is the default metadata implementation. It returns an ad-hoc set of information about the view. There are not any formalized standards for OPTIONS responses for us to base this on.

determine_metadata(self, request, view)
determine_actions(self, request, view)

For generic class based views we return information about the fields that are accepted for ‘PUT’ and ‘POST’ methods.

get_serializer_info(self, serializer)

Given an instance of a serializer, return a dictionary of metadata about its fields.

get_field_info(self, field)

Given an instance of a serializer field, return a dictionary of metadata about it.