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_name_ = Developer
class AnnotatedRegistry



A mapping of all of the installed components on this system that can be used as build dependencies and where they are located. Also used to manage iotile plugins.

add_component(self, component)

Register a component with ComponentRegistry.

Component must be a buildable object with a module_settings.json file that describes its name and the domain that it is part of.


List all of the plugins that have been registerd for the iotile program on this computer

find_component(self, key, domain='')
remove_component(self, key)

Remove component from registry


Clear all of the registered components


List all of the registered component names


List all of the registered component names

set(self, key, value)
get(self, key)
clear(self, key)

Freeze the current list of extensions to a single file.

This speeds up the extension loading process but does not check for new extensions each time the program is run. You should only use this method in situations where you know the extension list is static and you need the speedup benefits.

You can undo this by calling unfreeze().


Remove any frozen extension list.