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class TimeoutExpiredError


The method timed out, usually indicating that a communication failure occurred, either with another process or with a hardware module.

class DataError


The method relied on data pass in by the user and the data was invalid.

This could be because a file was the wrong type or because a data provider returned an unexpected result. The parameters passed with this exception provide more detail on what occurred and where.

class InternalError


The method could not be completed with the user input passed for an unexpected reason. This does not signify a bug in the API method code. More details should be passed in the arguments.

class APIError


An internal API error occured during the execution of the method. This should only be returned if the error was unforeseen and not caused in any way by user input. If the problem is that a user input is invalid for the API call, ValidationError should be thrown instead.

All instances of APIError being thrown are bugs that should be reported and fixed.

class BuildError


There is an error with some part of the build system. This does not mean that there is a compilation error but rather that a required part of the build process did not complete successfully. This exception means that something is misconfigured.

class ExternalError


The external environment is not properly configured for the IOTile API command that was called. This can be because a required program was not installed or accessible or because a required environment variable was not defined.

class HardwareError


There was an issue communicating with or controlling an IOTile hardware module. This exception anchors a range of exceptions that refer to specific kinds of hardware issues.

By catching this exception, you will catch any sort of hardware failure. If you are interested in specific kinds of hardware errors, you can look for or catch subclasses of this exception.