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class IOTileApp(hw, app_info, os_info, device_id)

Base class for all IOTile Apps.

An IOTile App is a class that represents all of the externally visible functionality of an IOTile device. It is typically a subset of what is exposed on the individual tiles that make up the iotile device with a higher level API. For example, there may be a shipping tracker IOTile device that has an accelerometer and an environmental tile. The proxy objects for those tiles will expose a lot of functionality related to acceleration and environmental readings but nothing related to tracking a shipment.

An IOTile App ties together the behavior of all of its underlying tiles.

IOTile Apps are matched with devices using the device’s app tag and version which is a number that unique identifies the app running on the device and a major.minor version number.

All IOTile Apps are required to implement a MatchInfo module function if they support automatic matching with a device. The MatchInfo function should return a list of (tag, SemanticVersionRange, quality) tuples for each app tag they should match with. The quality value is a floating point number between 0 and 100, inclusive, where higher quality matches take priority over lower quality matches. A good default choice is 50.

hw (HardwareManager): A HardwareManager instance connected to a
matching device.
app_info (tuple): The app_tag and version of the device we are
connected to.
os_info (tuple): The os_tag and version of the device we are
connected to.

device_id (int): The UUID of the device that we are connected to.

classmethod MatchInfo(cls)

Return a list of matching app tag and versions.

This method must be overridden by all subclasses to return their matching information if they want to support automatically matching with a device by app_tag.

list of (int, SemanticVersionRange, float) tuples: A tuple with
the app_tag and matching version range for all app tags that this IOTileApp should match with. The third float is a quality number that will be used to break ties when more than one app matches a given device. Higher is better and the value should be in the range [0, 100].
classmethod AppName(cls)

A unique name for this app so that it can be loaded by name.

str: The unique name for this app module.