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class CMDStream(port, connection_string, record=None)

Any physical method that supports talking to an IOTile based device

All interactions with the IOTile device will be via one of the primitive operations defined in this class. Specific implementations may transfer the data in their own way and add additional layers as needed. Examples of CMDStream implementations are: - the Field Service Unit communicating over a USB <-> Serial bridge - Bluetooth LE (directly) - Bluetooth LE by way of the RN4020 module connected to a USB port of the com

scan(self, wait=None)

Scan for available IOTile devices.

Scan for connected device and return a map of UUIDs and connection strings for all of the devices that were found.

wait (float): Optional amount of time to force the device adapter to wait before
connect_direct(self, connection_string)

Directly connect to a device using its stream specific connection string

connect(self, uuid_value, wait=None)

Connect to a specific device by its uuid

Attempt to connect to a device that we have previously scanned using its UUID. If wait is not None, then it is used in the same was a scan(wait) to override default wait times with an explicit value.

wait (float): Optional amount of time to force the device adapter to wait before
attempting to connect.

Disconnect from the device that we are currently connected to

send_rpc(self, address, rpc_id, call_payload, **kwargs)

Prepare to receive broadcast reports and not discard them.

enable_debug(self, connection_string=None)
debug_command(self, cmd_name, args=None, progress_callback=None)
send_highspeed(self, data, progress_callback=None)