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PlrBaseSource(self,**kwargs) Base class for public law restriction sources.
class PlrBaseSource(**kwargs)

Base class for public law restriction sources.

records (list of pyramid_oereb.lib.records.plr.EmptyPlrRecord): List of public law restriction
datasource (list of pyramid_oereb.lib.records.embeddable.DatasourceRecord): List of data source
records used for the additional data in flavour embeddable.

Keyword Arguments: name (str): The name. You are free to choose one. code (str): The official code. Regarding to the federal specifications. geometry_type (str): The geometry type. Possible are: POINT, POLYGON, LINESTRING,


thresholds (dict): The configuration of limits, units and precision which is used for processing. text (dict of str): The speaking title. It must be a dictionary containing language (as

configured) as key and text as value.

language (str): The language this public law restriction is originally shipped whith. federal (bool): Switch if it is a federal topic. This will be taken into account in processing


source (dict): The configuration dictionary of the public law restriction hooks (dict of str): The hook methods: get_symbol, get_symbol_ref. They have to be provided as

dotted string for further use with dotted name resolver of pyramid package.
law_status (dict of str): The multiple match configuration to provide more flexible use of the
federal specified classifiers ‘inForce’ and ‘runningModifications’.

Return the info dictionary.

dict: The info dictionary.
read(real_estate, bbox)

Every public law restriction source has to implement a read method. This method must accept the two key word parameters. If you want adapt to your own source for real estates, this is the point where to hook in.

real_estate (pyramid_oereb.lib.records.real_estate.RealEstateRecord): The real estate which is
used as filter to find all related public law restrictions.
bbox (shapely.geometry.base.BaseGeometry): The bounding box which is used as a pre-filter to find
all public law restrictions. This is related to the fact that we need to provide not only the public law restrictions that are related to the real estate but also the ones which are in the visible extent of the map.