Debian and other distributions “unbundle” requests’ vendored dependencies, and rewrite all imports to use the global versions of urllib3 and chardet. The problem with this is that not only requests itself imports those dependencies, but third-party code outside of the distros’ control too.

In reaction to these problems, the distro maintainers replaced requests.packages with a magical “stub module” that imports the correct modules. The implementations were varying in quality and all had severe problems. For example, a symlink (or hardlink) that links the correct modules into place introduces problems regarding object identity, since you now have two modules in sys.modules with the same API, but different identities:

requests.packages.urllib3 is not urllib3

With version 2.5.2, requests started to maintain its own stub, so that distro-specific breakage would be reduced to a minimum, even though the whole issue is not requests’ fault in the first place. See for the corresponding pull request.


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