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RecentlyUsedContainer(self,maxsize=10,dispose_func=None) Provides a thread-safe dict-like container which maintains up to
param headers:
class RLock
__exit__(exc_type, exc_value, traceback)
class RecentlyUsedContainer(maxsize=10, dispose_func=None)

Provides a thread-safe dict-like container which maintains up to maxsize keys while throwing away the least-recently-used keys beyond maxsize.

  • maxsize – Maximum number of recent elements to retain.
  • dispose_func – Every time an item is evicted from the container, dispose_func(value) is called. Callback which will get called
__init__(maxsize=10, dispose_func=None)
__setitem__(key, value)
class HTTPHeaderDict(headers=None, **kwargs)
  • headers – An iterable of field-value pairs. Must not contain multiple field names when compared case-insensitively.
  • kwargs – Additional field-value pairs to pass in to dict.update.

A dict like container for storing HTTP Headers.

Field names are stored and compared case-insensitively in compliance with RFC 7230. Iteration provides the first case-sensitive key seen for each case-insensitive pair.

Using __setitem__ syntax overwrites fields that compare equal case-insensitively in order to maintain dict’s api. For fields that compare equal, instead create a new HTTPHeaderDict and use .add in a loop.

If multiple fields that are equal case-insensitively are passed to the constructor or .update, the behavior is undefined and some will be lost.

>>> headers = HTTPHeaderDict()
>>> headers.add('Set-Cookie', 'foo=bar')
>>> headers.add('set-cookie', 'baz=quxx')
>>> headers['content-length'] = '7'
>>> headers['SET-cookie']
'foo=bar, baz=quxx'
>>> headers['Content-Length']
__init__(headers=None, **kwargs)
__setitem__(key, val)
pop(key, default=__marker)

D.pop(k[,d]) -> v, remove specified key and return the corresponding value. If key is not found, d is returned if given, otherwise KeyError is raised.

add(key, val)

Adds a (name, value) pair, doesn’t overwrite the value if it already exists.

>>> headers = HTTPHeaderDict(foo='bar')
>>> headers.add('Foo', 'baz')
>>> headers['foo']
'bar, baz'
extend(*args, **kwargs)

Generic import function for any type of header-like object. Adapted version of MutableMapping.update in order to insert items with self.add instead of self.__setitem__


Returns a list of all the values for the named field. Returns an empty list if the key doesn’t exist.


Iterate over all header lines, including duplicate ones.


Iterate over all headers, merging duplicate ones together.


Read headers from a Python 2 httplib message object.