Documentation is available in the docstrings and online at https://docs.scipy.org.


SciPy imports all the functions from the NumPy namespace, and in addition provides:


Using any of these subpackages requires an explicit import. For example, import scipy.cluster.

cluster                      --- Vector Quantization / Kmeans
fftpack                      --- Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms
integrate                    --- Integration routines
interpolate                  --- Interpolation Tools
io                           --- Data input and output
linalg                       --- Linear algebra routines
linalg.blas                  --- Wrappers to BLAS library
linalg.lapack                --- Wrappers to LAPACK library
misc                         --- Various utilities that don't have
                                 another home.
ndimage                      --- n-dimensional image package
odr                          --- Orthogonal Distance Regression
optimize                     --- Optimization Tools
signal                       --- Signal Processing Tools
sparse                       --- Sparse Matrices
sparse.linalg                --- Sparse Linear Algebra
sparse.linalg.dsolve         --- Linear Solvers
sparse.linalg.dsolve.umfpack --- :Interface to the UMFPACK library:
                                 Conjugate Gradient Method (LOBPCG)
sparse.linalg.eigen          --- Sparse Eigenvalue Solvers
sparse.linalg.eigen.lobpcg   --- Locally Optimal Block Preconditioned
                                 Conjugate Gradient Method (LOBPCG)
spatial                      --- Spatial data structures and algorithms
special                      --- Special functions
stats                        --- Statistical Functions

Utility tools

test              --- Run scipy unittests
show_config       --- Show scipy build configuration
show_numpy_config --- Show numpy build configuration
__version__       --- Scipy version string
__numpy_version__ --- Numpy version string

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