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Service(self,executable_path,port=0,service_args=None,log_path=”geckodriver.log”,env=None) Object that manages the starting and stopping of the
class Service(executable_path, port=0, service_args=None, log_path="geckodriver.log", env=None)

Object that manages the starting and stopping of the GeckoDriver.

__init__(executable_path, port=0, service_args=None, log_path="geckodriver.log", env=None)

Creates a new instance of the GeckoDriver remote service proxy.

GeckoDriver provides a HTTP interface speaking the W3C WebDriver protocol to Marionette.

  • executable_path – Path to the GeckoDriver binary.
  • port – Run the remote service on a specified port. Defaults to 0, which binds to a random open port of the system’s choosing.
  • service_args – Optional list of arguments to pass to the GeckoDriver binary.
  • log_path – Optional path for the GeckoDriver to log to. Defaults to _geckodriver.log_ in the current working directory.
  • env – Optional dictionary of output variables to expose in the services’ environment.